Hunhu Healthcare, Inc.


We all know how important that a support network can be to enabling a successful care plan. Social and medical science both confirm what we instinctually know–those with great social support networks need less care, stay healthier, and are less likely to return to a hospital.

The Hunhu mHealth solution provides support to individuals living with one or more long-term chronic health care needs. We call this approach social wellness because it ultimately taps the power of human relationships to improve adherence, eliminate barriers to care, and increase resistance to the detrimental effects of long-term stress.

We are working closely with world renown experts in behavior change and long term care process. This approach will finally offer a significant cost reduction and quality improvement that can be used by hospitals, insurance companies, care/case management companies and many others.

While others have struggled to get modest results with individual digital health solutions, we plan to deliver order of magnitude reduction in cost and improvement in quality of care to patients and those that care for them.


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708 North 1st Street
Suite 340
Minneapolis, MN 55401

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