Eight Moon – Illuminating Brands

Peter Hill Design is now Eight Moon™. The eighth moon is the final phase in the lunar cycle when the moon is a slim crescent in the pre-dawn sky. According to lore, this is the phase when creativity is most likely to flourish. When imagination unfolds, when the unexpected is revealed, and when new beginnings come into the light. It’s in that magical moment where we do our best work.

Our goal is simple: to illuminate the value of our clients’ businesses and brands. We start by understanding their universe. We create visual concepts that resonate, positioning that shines and results that are simply out of this world. With design at our core, we now boldly take off into full-service creative. Our client’s success is our success and we’re committed to accomplishing big ideas for organizations of all sizes.

Situated above a funky lighting store and across from a high-octane coffee shop, it’s just the right spot to inspire creativity in everything we touch.

Address and Contact Information

222 North 2nd Street
Suite 220
Minneapolis, MN 55401

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