The latest numbers back up what people who live, work and visit downtown Minneapolis are experiencing: There is a population, construction and economic activity boom going on.

The Minneapolis Downtown Council, whose members span the business and other segments of the community, released data Monday that showed a 36.2 percent increase in people living in the city’s core since 2006, up by more than 11,500 to 43,456.

Not surprisingly, residential construction numbers show that builders have been very active downtown. Currently under construction downtown are more than 1,200 rental units and 374 resident-owned units, the council determined.

The nonresidential side also has been busy, according to the council, with Class A office space growing last year by more than 459,000 square feet. That class represents the most desirable level of business space in the best locations.

Overall in the area of construction, permits issued citywide topped $1 billion in 2017 for the sixth straight year. Last year’s tally of $1.497 billion in permits included $777 million in the downtown Wards 3 and 7.

The council also released the latest ranking of downtown’s largest employers, which includes a mix of business, government and nonprofits. Leading the top 10 is Target Corp. at 8,333, followed by: Hennepin County Medical Center (7,105), Wells Fargo (7,000), Hennepin County (6,595), Ameriprise Financial (4,893), U.S. Bank (4,651), Xcel Energy (2,351), city of Minneapolis (2,060), RBC Wealth Management (1,475) and Thrivent Financial (1,352).