Neighborhood Notes

ABC Ramps: User Experience Survey

ABC RAMPS MOBILITY HUB OFFERS flexible, convenient travel options to downtown Minneapolis
When you travel to downtown Minneapolis for work, shopping or an event, you have many choices to get around. The ABC Ramps Mobility Hub is much more than the largest parking ramps in downtown. The mobility hub conveniently connects you to travel options and key destinations via the skyways, local and regional bus service, light rail transit, commuter rail, and carpools/vanpools. It’s a transportation hub that fits the needs of busy people.
Over the past year we’ve been piloting various initiatives to improve the multi-modal user experience at ABC Ramps. As we get close to the end of the pilot, we would love feedback from yourself and North Loop neighborhood residents/businesses on the pilot via this survey. Responses will help us evaluate this season’s efforts and determine how to best serve you and your community in the future!