Where, when, and why is CenterPoint Energy performing construction?

From Monday, May 6, to late June 2019, CenterPoint Energy’s authorized contractor, Michels Corporation, will be replacing natural gas mains and connecting natural gas service lines to the installed mains in Minneapolis along the following streets in the North Loop Neighborhood:

  • 5th Avenue N. between 2nd and 5th Streets N.
  • 3rd Street N. at 7th and 10th Avenues N.
  • 7th Avenue N. between 3rd Street N. and the alley between 3rd and 4th Streets N.

CenterPoint Energy’s work is being done in coordination with the City of Minneapolis’s North Loop Paving Project. For more information on the city’s project, please visit its website.

What is the crews’ progress?

What have the crews done so far?

  • Crews from Michels Corporation have installed and activated natural gas main along 5th Avenue N. between 2nd Street N. and 5th Street N.

What are the crews doing?

  • At the intersection of 5th Street N. and Washington Avenue N., the crews are putting the existing regulator loop out of service. When this is done, the crews will remove the existing natural gas main, which is put out of service, from 5th Avenue N. between Washington Avenue N. to 5th Street N.
  • Q3 Contracting, CenterPoint Energy’s authorized contractor, will be restoring the concrete area and sidewalk at Washington Avenue N. Final restoration will take place along 5th Avenue N. between 2nd Street N. and Washington Avenue N.
  • Concurrent construction is happening by the contractor for the City of Minneapolis along 5th Avenue N.
  • Two-way traffic is currently being maintained on 5th Avenue N. The intersections along 5th Avenue N. are open for traffic. The east sidewalk between 2nd Street N. and Washington Avenue N. is open for pedestrian traffic. Q3 Contracting will be restoring and opening the other sidewalks affected by Michels Corporation’s construction along 5th Avenue N. outside the limits of the city’s project.

What will the crews do?

  • As CenterPoint Energy’s contractors progress in construction, they will gradually remove their traffic control devices except those belonging to the city’s construction.
  • Crews from Michels Corporation are installing natural gas main at the intersection of 3rd Street N. and 7th Avenue N. and will continue into the week of June 17 in this intersection. Afterward they will install natural gas main at the intersection of 3rd Street N. and 10th Avenue N.

How can I contact CenterPoint Energy?

Updates will be posted on our website. For any questions you can contact one of the following CenterPoint Energy resources:

Please reference the project name or number 88936514 when calling. We appreciate your business and look forward to continuing to serve you. Thank you very much.

Map of CenterPoint Energy's North Loop Project