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Nick Cichowicz- NCEC District 5 (August)

Neighborhood Community Engagement Commission
Nick Cichowicz- District 5 representative 

My name is Nick Cichowicz and I am the elected District 5 representative on the Minneapolis Neighborhood Community Engagement Commission (NCEC) and the current Chair of the commission.

District 5 includes the following neighborhoods: Downtown East, Downtown West, Elliot Park, Loring Park, North Loop, Harrison, Near North, Sumner-Glenwood, Willard-Hay, Bryn Mawr.

In This Month’s Newsletter

  • Message from Nick – Update on our July NCEC Commission Meeting
  • Neighborhood’s 2020 Work Group Update and Neighborhood response to the NCEC 2020 recommendation
  • NCEC Election in District 6 result
  • August NCEC Commission Meeting

Message from Nick Cichowicz

I want to thank the following MPLS Neighborhood and Comunity relations staff members for your engaging, passionate and informative discussion at our NCEC Commission meeting in July.

-Numan Shaikh
East African Community Specialist

-Michael Yang
Southeast Asian Community Specialist

-Christine McDonald
American Indian Community Specialist

To learn more about the work of these three dedicated community specialists please watch the recording from the July NCEC Commission meeting (NCR presentation starts at 1:48 on the video) 


Neighborhood’s 2020 Work Group update and Neighborhood Response to the NCEC 2020 recommendation- 

Visit the Neighborhoods 2020 Project Page:

  • The Neighborhoods 2020 Work Groups have started meeting. As a member of the Work Group on Governance I can report that we’ve had an overall initial orientation meeting and a first meeting as a Work Group to start learning about each member and building the trust needed to tackle the important questions before us. The NCEC will have regular updates at our commission meetings in the coming months and will be evaluating and determining the best next steps for how the NCEC can respond to the actions of the Work Groups in the coming weeks and months.
  • If you currently serve on a Work Group, please send me your thoughts and ideas about the process and your experiences: nickcichowicz@outlook.comor call : 612-735-0949
  • In response to my sharing of the official NCEC 2002 recommendation I received the following comments from a MPLS neighborhood staff member,” After reviewing them, I would like to echo the desire to be able to purchase food for events, for greater translation support, and for the desire to streamline certain administrative processes such as payroll.  Also, I would like the city to find a way to provide health insurance for all neighborhood organization employees.  As a small staff, not able to provide this for its employees.  In spite of my love of the job and work, lack of insurance is a big draw back to working here.”

It’s the willingness of Minneapolitans to share their thoughts and ideas with each other that will lead us to be a more equitable, inclusive and prosperous city! 

NCEC Elections Results from District 6

The NCEC recently had an election for District 6 and is happy to welcome Michael Malone to the commission.


Next NCEC Full Commission Meeting

When: Tue, August 28th 5pm – 7pm

Where: Minneapolis Central Library, 300 Nicollet Mall, Minneapolis, MN 55401, United States (map)
-Meetings held in the Doty Board Room

Nick’s contact info- or 612-735-0949