Neighborhood Notes

North Loop Neighborhood Association 2020 Board of Directors

The votes are in and the 2020 NLNA board of directors has been elected! The annual meeting brought together 400 of our North Loop neighbors to enjoy free beer and food and dozens of prizes contributed by our North Loop merchants, breweries and restaurants. And we elected four returning and three new members to the board.

Here’s to a fabulous 2020 for our great North Loop neighborhood!

Tim Bildsoe: President; North Loop Business Engagement
Diane Merrifield: Vice President; Website
Mike Binkley: Website; Social Media; Videographer; Historic Preservation & Public Art
Jenn Brewington: Elected January 29, 2020
David Crary: Parks & Beautification
Francesco Parisi: Planning+Zoning (chair); Parks & Beautification; Historic Preservation & Public Art
Jackson Schwartz: Elected January 29, 2020
Ron Sliwinski: Elected January 29, 2020
Bri Sharkey-Smith: Civic Engagement
Dana Swindler: Neighborhood Safety (chair); North Loop Business Engagement
Scott Woller: Community Engagement (chair)

2019 NLNA Accomplishments
2020 Priorities (based on annual meeting attendee votes)