Neighborhood Notes

North Loop Reconstruction & Pedestrian Improvements

An update on the construction project in the North Loop:

The North Loop Reconstruction & Pedestrian Improvements Project consists of two separate projects:

  1. A full street reconstruction along 3rd St N between 10th Ave N and 5th Ave N
  2. A pedestrian improvement project generally bounded by 10th Ave N on the north, 1st Ave on the south, West River Parkway on the east, and 4th St N on the west

Sanitary Sewer Reconstruct

North Loop Reconstruction Updates

What’s Happening

5th Ave N

  • CenterPoint Energy made it though the intersection of Washington and 5th Ave N and is currently at 3rd St N working towards 4th St N
  • Started sidewalk removals on the east side of 5th, the west side will remain available for pedestrian access
  • Removed old railroad tracks

7th Ave N

  • Pavement has been removed
  • Removed old railroad tracks
  • Utility work has begun between 3rd St N and 4th St N (above photo 13′ deep sanitary sewer manhole rebuild)
  • The soil conditions are very poor in the area, this will be remedied as soon as

For more information on this project, visit the project website.

Upcoming Work


5th Ave N

  • CenterPoint Energy 6” gas line installation continuing from 3rd St N to 4th St N
  • Finish sidewalk removals on the east side of 5th Ave N

7th Ave N

  • Continue utility work
  • Water system upgrades – There is a water shut-off planned along 7th Ave N on Tuesday night beginning at 11 pm and ending around 5 am Wednesday morning. If your property is effected, a blue notice will be placed on the door of your property in 48 hours’ in advance for impacted businesses, 24 hours’ in advance to impacted residential properties.
  • Sanitary Sewer – Crews are currently reconstruction sanitary structures on 7th Ave N
  • Storm Sewer – Storm sewer work will begin tomorrow

8th Ave N – Tentatively planning on right after Memorial Day

  • Begin salvaging brick pavers on 5-29-19
  • Followed by full depth removals

9th Ave N

  • Begin salvaging brick pavers on 5-31-19

North Loop Pedestrian Improvements Updates

Project still scheduled to begin June 17, 2019.

For more information on this project, visit the project website.

Contact Information

Project Manager:

Stephanie Malmberg,, 612-673-3365

Chief Field Inspector:

John Benjamin,, 651-443-109