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Southwest LRT Construction Update – April 3

Southwest LRT Construction Update: April 3, 2020


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You’ll notice this week’s update looks a bit different. The highlights section now focuses on activities that are changing, upcoming, or new, as well as ongoing notable activities in each community. Full descriptions of all project corridor construction activities are still available on our website: In addition, the website now includes more details about upcoming construction activities. Just click the links below for the city that you want to know more about.

Weekly Construction Photo: Pedestrian underpass, east of Louisiana Avenue in St. Louis Park

Weekly Construction Photo: Pedestrian underpass, east of Louisiana Avenue in St. Louis Park

The Louisiana Station will be located slightly east of Louisiana Avenue. The station is a short connection to Methodist Hospital. Here is a link to the station plans. Area residents will be able access Louisiana Station from north of the freight rail tracks (near the old Sam’s Club) through the new trail underpass which crews are currently working on sheeting and excavation.

Eden Prairie Highlights

  • The former SouthWest Transit facility has been demolished. Piling will be starting in the next few weeks for the new parking structure, as well as removal of sheeting for the retaining wall in the area. Bridge work is also ongoing as crews work near Purgatory Creek Park and near the existing SouthWest park-and-ride structure.
  • Flying Cloud Drive between Eden Road and Valley View Road has been reduced to one lane in each direction as crews work on utilities in the center median. See the roadway impact map here.
  • Bridge work including piling and concrete forming and pouring is ongoing at Nine Mile Creek and near Golden Triangle Station.

Visit our website for more details on construction activities in Eden Prairie.

Minnetonka Highlights

  • Bren Road West, just west of Green Circle to Bren Road East, closed to vehicles and pedestrians on March 30 and will remain closed through the 2020 construction season. See detour map below here. Crews have removed pavement and are beginning excavation work.
  • Later in April retaining walls and abutment work will begin on the Smetana Roadway Bridge.

Visit our website for more details on construction activities in Minnetonka.

Hopkins Highlights

  • Piling and excavation work for the Hopkins/Minnetonka LRT bridge, which will be located east of Nolan Drive, is beginning and will be ongoing through the 2020 construction season. Work will start next week north of the freight rail tracks. Tree clearing and ground cover removal is also ongoing moving south towards Smetana Road.
  • Earthwork in the area around the Downtown Hopkins Station will begin in the area next week.
  • Crews are preparing to close the northbound lane on Blake Road. Traffic will still be permitted in the southbound direction. The exact date has not yet been determined but is anticipated in the next few weeks. We will share details as soon as they are ready. Expect sheeting and concrete work in the area.

Visit our website for more details on construction activities in Hopkins.

St. Louis Park Highlights

  • Expect significant excavation work to begin as the contractor prepares for track construction between Highway 100 and Beltline Boulevard. Expect excavators and dump trucks moving through the corridor.
  • Crews have been setting prefabricated concrete tunnel segments for the Wooddale Avenue regional trail underpass. Work on the approaches continues, expect piling and excavation work in the area. Crews are on schedule for a 30-day full closure of Wooddale Avenue in May, with the exact date still to be determined.

Visit our website for more details on construction activities in St. Louis Park.

Minneapolis Highlights

  • Piling work for the Kenilworth LRT tunnel will be ongoing through the summer.
  • At the Cedar Lake Channel, crews set bridge girders this week for the new freight rail bridge. Work will progress on the deck of the bridge in the coming weeks. Repair work was also required on the existing freight rail bridge on Thursday to support the piers. Freight trains where held until repairs were made and all work was conducted during normal construction hours.
  • Surcharge work began this week south of 21st Street for the LRT station. Expect excavation and dump trucks in the area as crews remove and bring in new soil. Surcharge work will consist of periods of activity moving soil followed by periods to consolidate the underlying soil.
  • Utility work started in the Linden Yards area, in preparation for the Bassett Creek Valley Station.

Visit our website for more details on construction activities in Minneapolis.

On-going Trail DetoursMinnesota River Bluffs, South Cedar Lake Parkway, Kenilworth, Cedar Lake Trail

On-going Eden Prairie Sidewalk and Roadway Detours: SouthWest Station, Northbound I-494 to Eastbound TH 212, Upcoming: Valley View Road/Flying Cloud Drive

On-going Minnetonka Roadway Detours: Yellow Circle, Smetana Road

On-going Minneapolis Roadway Detours: Glenwood Avenue, Royalston Avenue