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Weigh in on Minneapolis route options for Blue Line Extension project

The METRO Blue Line Extension project is evaluating several route options between Target Field Station and West Broadway Avenue in Minneapolis.

In response to community feedback about running trains on Lyndale Avenue, the project has been reviewing and gathering feedback on two other options east of I-94, including:

  • A route next to the east side of I-94 connecting to Washington Avenue (pink line on the map)
  • A route that uses 10th Avenue to Washington Avenue (green line on the map). To fit light rail, the roadway would be reconfigured as a transit mall or a one-way northbound street.

Both east of I-94 route options would require a crossing over I-94 to either 21st Avenue or West Broadway Avenue. Both route options would have a Plymouth Avenue Station.

Tracks on West Broadway or 21st Avenue

In response to community feedback about light rail on West Broadway Avenue through north Minneapolis, an alternative option, placing tracks one block north on 21st Avenue, is also being considered.

If this option moves forward, there would be some related construction impacts on West Broadway, including the opportunity to fully reconstruct the roadway to improve infrastructure and safety, and make other improvements to support businesses and residents.

Which route options do you prefer?

Let us know your preferred route options in Minneapolis. This feedback will help inform a route recommendation this fall as one of many ways we are collecting input on these options.

The METRO Blue Line Extension light rail transit project will extend the existing Blue Line from Target Field Station northwest to Brooklyn Park and connect communities along the way.

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Link to Metro Blue Line Extension Website

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