now turn to the North Loop, and a rising level of concern about parking

and access. This presentation reflects ongoing conversations and research by The

2020 Partners and a work group focused on parking and access. Special gratitude to



of Lee and Associates who is co


presenting and has done a

tremendous amount of work on this topic. For those who may not know



Partners, it is an evolving private and public forum that organizes to facilitate the

continuing transformation of a vital and unique place. Its goal is to lay the

foundation and attract investment for future development in the North Loop by

knitting together communities and leveraging district assets with a special

emphasis on Target Field, Minneapolis Farmers Market, transit and energy.


RA’EESA: For most of its history, the North Loop was an industrial area. It was home

to a large railroad yard and numerous warehouses and factories. Much of the

Warehouse District is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. In the 1980s,

the Warehouse District was the epicenter of the Minneapolis art scene until the

area's buildings became more commercially desirable in the 1990s.


RA’EESA: Since the mid


1990s, redevelopment of the neighborhood accelerated and

thousands of people have moved into the North Loop. The neighborhood is

particularly popular with people who work in downtown Minneapolis, whose

proximity allows residents to walk, bike, or take a quick bus or LRT ride to work.

Coffee shops, restaurants, bars, art galleries, and small retail stores have also

moved into the neighborhood in recent years. The

North Loop is even home to a

hand crafted clock museum!

Target Field also opened its doors in 2010.



In 1990 there were only 647 residents living in the North Loop. The

growth has been exponential with more than 180% in some years. Today there are

nearly 5,000 residents who call the North Loop home with a nearly even split

between rental and home ownership. Nearly 40% are between the ages of 25



and more than half earn greater than $100,000 in annual income.


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