Hess Roise – Historical Consultants

We’ll help you make history

Hess Roise brings knowledge, experience, and creativity to projects around the country.

We’ve been making history since 1990.

With particular expertise in architectural history, social and intellectual history, and the history of technology, we have completed a broad variety of projects for public and private clients around the United States.

Charlene Roise has served as president since 1997 when the company’s co-founder, Jeff Hess, retired. Holder of an advanced degree in Preservation Studies from Boston University, Charlene previously worked as a consultant to government agencies and private firms on the East Coast and in the Midwest. In addition to her historical training, Charlene has experience in commercial real estate sales and small business administration. Hess Roise qualifies as a woman-owned business and is certified by a number of government agencies.

Our base of operation is the Foster House, a renovated 1880s building just a block from the Mississippi River in Minneapolis’s historic North Loop warehouse district. We have an extensive in-house reference library and are in close proximity to academic, public, and private libraries and archives. These resources allow us to conduct research efficiently and effectively.

Address and Contact Information

The Foster House
100 North First Street
Minneapolis MN 55401

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