North Loop Neighborhood Association

Welcome to the North Loop!  We hope this website gives you a quick idea of what’s happening in the neighborhood.  Please visit, please move here, please locate your business here.  We want to have more people experience life in the best neighborhood in Minneapolis.

Whether you live, work, own a business, or you’ve come to visit, shop and play, we hope you find the information provided here to be a helpful resource for whatever your needs and interests.

Recognized as the fastest-growing Minneapolis neighborhood, for residents and businesses alike, the North Loop is also home to Target Field and Target Field Station, Minneapolis Farmers Market, the best new and longstanding restaurants in town, plus it’s the emerging heart of the Minneapolis fashion and retail scene.

We welcome you.


Foster a strong community that is rich in the diversity of ideas, talents, people and property. Toward that end the Neighborhood shall promote a climate of safety, livability and improvement through public neighborhood meetings, communication, creation of programs that encourage community participation and advocacy with relevant municipal and county organizations.


The North Loop Neighborhood Association (NLNA)* is an organization consisting of and conducted by the residents, property owners, and business owners of the North Loop Neighborhood. The purpose of the organization is to foster a strong community rich in diversity of ideas, talents, people and property. Toward that end, the NLNA shall promote a climate of safety, livability, and improvement through public neighborhood meetings and communication and advocacy with the relevant municipal and county organizations. Further, we shall:

  • Promote the idea of doing business with local merchants, restaurants, coffee shops, service providers, and others who help make the North Loop a vibrant community,
  • Encourage neighborhood engagement and participation,
  • Become the go-to informational resource for neighborhood residents and businesses, and
  • Engage and attract prospective residents and businesses

NLNA Initiatives

Since it was established in 2001, the North Loop Neighborhood Association has been dedicated to enhancing the livability of our North Loop community. The Board of Directors, Planning+Zoning committee, specially-focused committees, and businesses and residents, continue to work together to make our neighborhood a vibrant, thriving community.

Here are a few of our current initiatives:

North Loop Park

A North Loop Park Scoping Study, performed in 2013, highlighted the need for a neighborhood park, particularly given the increasing population and business growth. The North Loop Park Steering Committee is actively engaged in pursuing this NLNA objective.

Community Garden

Efforts are underway to explore ways in which we can bring community gardening to the North Loop.

NLNA Organics Recycling

Expanding our neighborhood recycling to include organics can contribute positively to the environment and make the North Loop a more sustainable neighborhood.