North Loop Neighborhood Association

Welcome to the North Loop!

The city of Minneapolis supports a network of neighborhood associations like ours to create community-building activities. We are all volunteers, working to keep our neighborhood strong and vibrant.

Whether it’s bringing people together for fun events like the Food Truck Fair, posting positive images on our social media accounts, organizing cleanup efforts, doing historical research, maintaining this website, advocating for public art and green spaces, or connecting with city leaders about safety issues, the North Loop Neighborhood Association board members put in the hours needed to make sure the North Loop’s positive momentum continues.

We are not a group that tells others what to do, we roll up our sleeves to get things done and we are so thankful for the neighbors and business leaders who join us in our volunteer efforts.

We meet on the final Wednesday of each month to hear from the community and provide updates on our various projects.


Foster a strong community that is rich in the diversity of ideas, talents, people and property. Toward that end the Neighborhood shall promote a climate of safety, livability and improvement through public neighborhood meetings, communication, creation of programs that encourage community participation and advocacy with relevant municipal and county organizations.


The North Loop Neighborhood Association (NLNA) is an organization consisting of and conducted by the residents, property owners, and business owners of the North Loop Neighborhood. The purpose of the organization is to foster a strong community rich in diversity of ideas, talents, people and property. Toward that end, the NLNA shall promote a climate of safety, livability, and improvement through public neighborhood meetings and communication and advocacy with the relevant municipal and county organizations. Further, we shall:

  • Promote the idea of doing business with local merchants, restaurants, coffee shops, service providers, and others who help make the North Loop a vibrant community,
  • Encourage neighborhood engagement and participation,
  • Become the go-to informational resource for neighborhood residents and businesses, and
  • Engage and attract prospective residents and businesses


North Loop Neighborhood Association Bylaws – February 2022


Financial report Sept 2022

Resolutions, Letters & Statements

Below are Resolutions, Letters of Support, Statements and other documents approved by the NLNA board of directors, and used to formally state and document the board’s position on matters impacting the neighborhood.

NLNA ADA Jan 2022 
NLNA Grievance Jan 2022
NLNA Language Accessibility Jan 2022

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