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Coming Soon: SolidCore’s “High Intensity, Low Impact” Workouts

As he gets his coaches ready for the June 22nd grand opening of SolidCore North Loop, head coach Cort Lubben is vowing to bring a completely different fitness experience to this neighborhood.

Less heart pumping, more muscle toning.

“It really does not compare to any other workout,” he said. “You work so slowly throughout class and you work your muscles in a completely different way. It’s very slow and controlled, there’s very little cardio.”

Cort Lubben, head coach and community manager

SolidCore is a Virginia-based fitness company with facilities in 25 states–including two other Twin Cities locations.

Lubben, who’s been a North Loop resident for three years, was a client before becoming part of the local management team.

“It’s changed my life in many different ways,” he said. “It’s helped me get stronger not only physically but also mentally. Such a great sense of community. And when you leave, you feel like wow, I can accomplish anything.”

The 50-minute workouts are conducted on pilates-inspired machines with “lights down and music up.”

“It is kind of like a sister of pilates but it’s more geared toward strength training,” Lubben said.

The new facility is at the corner of North 1st Street and 3rd Avenue North, where part of the former Muse Event Center was.

Those interested in learning more before the grand opening can either download the SolidCore app or reach out via the company’s website.

By Mike Binkley, North Loop volunteer

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