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2021 Yoga Summer Series Off To A Hot Start

Founded by North Loop resident Ericka Jones, the Yoga Summer Series on the grass field at Target Field Station is a chance for the community to come together not only to exercise but also to give back.

There’s no admission charge, but they accept donations–which they, in turn, donate to charitable organizations. “You can come free, you can donate five dollars, whatever,” Jones said. “I wanted it to be equitable and a way for us to come together as a community.”

Over the past four years, Jones said the yoga series has been able to donate $10,000 to various non-profits. This year’s recipients will be Black Girl in Om and NAMI.

The idea for the outdoor classes came when she was walking around the neighborhood and noticed this beautiful, largely-unused space outside of Target Field. She took the idea to the Minnesota Twins, and they were on board.

Ericka Jones with the microphone

Since then, other yoga instructors, including some from diverse communities, have started hosting their own yoga sessions in the same space at different times.

“It’s a real great community that we’ve built,” Jones said. “Last summer it was so huge, especially with Covid and everything that happened. Having everyone come together it was really huge.”

In the first four years, they’ve never had a rainout, but this year’s first session came on a hot morning with temps approaching the 90s. “Anyone that practices yoga, for the most part it’s in a heated studio,” said Jones. “So they’re used to it.”

The Yoga Summer Series is held two Saturdays each month at 10AM through September 25th. They’re also planning a big event in the North Loop for International Yoga Day, later this month, with 150 students and 12 teachers. They’ll be announcing the site of that event soon on their Instagram account.

By Mike Binkley, North Loop volunteer


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