North Loop Kids

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This group exists to connect parents and children in our incredible community who do not believe that city life and raising kids are mutually exclusive! This group is a way to support each other, make new friends, and better enjoy our beautiful neighborhood together.

Current Leadership:

Karise Gaynor-Morgan: mom of 2 North Loop girls: Isla (9) and Hope (3 months); city living and fine dining enthusiast!

Dave Delahanty: dad of Irish (9); enjoys doing habitat restoration along the Mississippi River with the North Loop Park Stewards

Shayla Frechette: North Loop Neighborhood Association board member, and mom.

Please reach out to with questions!

Upcoming Events

North Loop Kids’ Play Dates!

Join parents and kids for monthly Saturday meet-ups (10am-noon), plus other special North Loop events.

May 6 2023: Playdate at Corner Coffee playroom

June 3, 2023: Activities at James Rice Park and Playground

July 8, 2023: Playdate and activities at Pacifier

September 23, 2023: Fun activities as the Farmers Market

October 31, 2023: North Loop Halloween event at Nordic Plaza – fun for all ages!

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