Safety & Livability

The mission of the North Loop Safety and Livability Committee (NLSLC) is to promote a just, safe and peaceful community for all residents.

City of Minneapolis Community Meetings

Pedestrian Advisory Committee (PAC)

1st Wednesday of the month, 4:00-6:00pm
Room 333, Minneapolis City Hall

PAC Infrastructure & Engineering (I&E) Subcommittee

3rd Thursday of the month*, 4:30-6:00 p.m.
Room 319, Minneapolis City Hall

PAC Program and Policy Subcommittee

4th (or last) Monday of the month, 4:30-6:00pm
Room 212, Minneapolis City Hall

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Thefts from Motor Vehicles are typically crimes of opportunity – help yourself by removing the opportunity.

What You Can Do:

Call 911 if you notice ANY suspicious activity in or around parked cars.

Report all incidents of Theft or Damage to the Minneapolis Police Department. Reports help us focus patrol officers appropriately. Many crimes can be reported through 311 or online.

If you are uncertain as to where or how to report, call 911 and they will refer you to 311 if necessary.

Users of Parking (Private Structures, Ramps, Street or Surface Lots)

When you enter the garage, ensure the door closes behind you without anyone trailing in behind. The overhead door is one of the most common ways criminals gain entry into an access controlled garage.

  • Make sure security doors shut and lock behind you.
  • Park in well lit, access controlled or security patrolled lots or ramps.
  • Report any suspicious activity immediately to 911 – when possible give good suspect and behavior descriptions.
  • Consider computer/phone security software/apps for laptops and iPhone.
  • Record the make, model and serial number on your valuables, especially for GPS units, bicycles and electronics such as phones or laptops.

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Do not leave anything of value or perceived value visible in your vehicle.

Remove phones, iPads, laptops,GPS units (and mount) accessories, purses, wallets, etc… even if your vehicle is parked in a secured ramp or garage. do not assume that if it is not of much value to you that it is not of interest to someone else. Loose change, gym bags, an old blanket or a couple of CDs can earn you a broken window.

If your vehicle is rifled through, check that nothing is missing from the glove box.

Avoid keeping items in the car that contain important personal information or could lead to identity theft (e.g., social security cards, passports or credit cards) or are items of importance (e.g., the title).


Before a crime can be prosecuted, it must be reported and investigated by the police.

The police will conduct an initial investigation of the matter. If the officers believe that a felony-level offense or juvenile offense has occurred, the police department will forward their investigation to the County Attorney’s Office for possible prosecution. If a misdemeanor has occurred, the police department will forward their investigation to the city attorney’s office.

Call 911

Call 911 to report suspicious activity. This call alerts law enforcement to problems, enabling officers to respond. It is the first step in the criminal justice process and one way citizens can help hold offenders accountable and keep their community safe.

If you witness a crime or any suspicious activity, call 911. If you or someone else needs assistance from emergency personnel, call 911.

Contact Your Local Police Department

In a non-emergency situation that does not require an immediate response, contact your local police department. In Minneapolis, you can also call 311 or submit an online police report.

Interactive Crime Mapping

The Minneapolis Police Department’s online crime mapping tool is interactive and updated daily