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Bartender Happy To Be Back After Fiery Crash

Three months after bystanders rescued him from a fiery crash on Washington Avenue, bartender Jimmy Wahl is very happy to finally be back at J.D. Hoyt’s, where he’s worked for the past four years.

Wahl suffered burns on his legs, eight broken ribs and other internal injuries when a speeding car rear-ended the vehicle he was riding in on July 28th. “I still have a few aches and pains, I’ve got a few scars, I’ve got a few things that are still healing,” he said, but “it feels nice to be back. Obviously we’re still in a pandemic but it’s nice to be working again and to be out with people I know.”

Cell phone footage showed several heroic bystanders rushing to the crash scene to rescue Wahl and others in the vehicle. Many of his restaurant patrons and friends then contributed tens of thousands of dollars to a GoFundMe account to help in his recovery.

“The support was unbelievable,” he said. It was more than I ever would’ve expected. It was incredible.”

For now, he’s easing back into the job, working only on Wednesdays for the first few weeks.

By Mike Binkley, North Loop Neighborhood Association


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