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Bellecour Moves Bakery To The North Loop

During its successful two-month run as a pop-up collaboration with Cooks of Crocus Hill, Bellecour Bakery was using the ovens and coolers in its now-closed Wayzata location to make pastries, breads and other treats–and then driving them to the North Loop. But now everything will be made fresh daily here, because Bellecour has moved in for good.

“We took about one week to get all of the equipment moved down here,” said owner Gavin Kaysen, “and then once we got it moved in, we’ve been in here for the whole week just baking and getting prepared.”

The bakery is set for its grand opening as a permanent fixture here, Saturday, September 19th.

“The menu that we’re going to open with is totally different from what we closed with on the pop-up,” said Kaysen. “There’s new salads, there’s gonna be a new soup, we’ve added deviled eggs to the menu. We’ve added all new sandwiches like a BLT croissant, so yeah, it’ll change. And since our team is here, it’s easy to change quickly.”

But while parts of the menu will switch up on occasion, Kaysen said some of the favorites will likely always be there, like croissants, monkey bread and crepe cake.

The double oven, coolers and other machinery are now in the area where Cooks does its cooking classes, but there will still be plenty of space for those classes and other events in the afternoons and evenings when the bakery production is finished for the day.

Cooks co-owner Karl Benson said he’s enjoying the smell of baked goods in his North Loop store, and he’s excited to draw even more people in. “We put the fan on to the outside as well,” he said, “so it’s sort of like the old Warner Brothers cartoon where you follow the wafting smells.”

By Mike Binkley, North Loop Neighborhood Association

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