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Coin Flip Decides Newest Board Member

After counting the ballots at the annual meeting Wednesday night—and then recounting them three times—the League of Women Voters declared a tie for the seventh and final open spot on the North Loop Neighborhood Association board.

The League recommended that board president Tim Bildsoe have a coin flip to break the tie between Jenn Brewington, co-owner of Thigh Times Birdhouse in the North Loop Galley and Pedro Wolcott, manager of retail operations for Aramark. (He drew laughs from the crowd by ending his Wednesday speech with “Vote for Pedro.”)

This morning, using an Eisenhower dollar, Jenn called “tails” while the coin was in the air, and that’s how it landed.

“Very excited to be part of this neighborhood,” she said. “My husband and I own a business in the North Loop and we are just ecstatic to be part of this community and help it grow and strengthen the amazing things that are already here.”

By Mike Binkley, North Loop Neighborhood Association

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