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Coming Soon: Spinning, Sculpting, Stretching At The Grind

After a career that started in marketing, Allie Robbins is pivoting to what she’s really passionate about. She’s about to open a fitness facility where spin bikes will be the main draw but strength training and stretching classes will also be offered.

She considered the North Loop the perfect place to open it. “Well, it’s 100% a hot spot, number one,” she said. “Number two, it definitely needs a spin studio.” 

When it opens this spring, The Grind Minneapolis, in the T3 building behind Dock Street Flats, will have two studios. One will have 33 spin bikes in a darkened room with LED lighting in the ceiling and floors.

The other will be equipped with 17 Fit Benches–which contain free weights, kettle bells, slam balls, fit bands and more, all in one adjustable bench.

“You can do just spinning, you can do just fit benches,” Robbins said. “Memberships include both but you don’t have to do both.”

She said spin classes attract people from all fitness levels. “We’re in a dark room, lights go off and no one pays attention to what you’re doing.” she said. “This is your 45 minutes for whatever you need that day.”

Right now, she’s waiting on the final permits from the city to complete construction but she expects to open in late April or early May.

In the meantime, she’ll have a pop-up event March 24-26 with free classes at the lululemon Mall of America store, and she’s looking to do pop-ups around the North Loop as well. Keep an eye on The Grind’s Instagram and Facebook accounts for those details.

By Mike Binkley, North Loop volunteer

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