Ackmann & Dickenson (A&D)

Craftsmen of Fine Technology

Ackmann & Dickenson was founded on the premise of craftsmanship, returning to a time when individuals sought one-of-a-kind products built by skilled craftsmen who had studied, honed, and mastered their trade. We take this concept and apply it to technology — creating websites and applications we’re proud to put our names on.

Data Not Drama

Like any fine craftsmen, we rely on existing data to determine the best course of action for your project. By focusing on the data and removing subjectivity, we can guide you to make decisions that are based on sound reasoning and targeted user goals.

Partners Not Hostages

We pride ourselves on long-term partnerships with a lasting impact. Through consultation and the promotion of open-source technologies, we provide you with the appropriate tools to curate and manage your website or application. Our team will never land-lock you into proprietary systems which often come with added costs and lesser benefits.

Address and Contact Information

515 N Washington Avenue
Suite 400, Minneapolis
MN 55401

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