Ackmann & Dickenson

Craftsmen of Fine Technology

Ackmann & Dickenson (A&D) focuses on creating business solutions through finely crafted custom web & application design, development and digital strategies.

A&D was founded with principles grounded in partnership, transparency, and craftsmanship. As our company has matured, we have grown into a top web design and development firm, offering premium technology services.

How did we get here? By adjusting our approach and processes to best meet the needs of our clients and their business objectives. We’re flexible in our approach while maintaining best practices, and state-of-the art design and development conventions. We know the importance of working closely with key stakeholders in order to gain an intimate understanding of their businesses and associated goals. We believe in equipping our clients with technology solutions that provide self-sufficiency; striving for partnership and a focus on current and future growth.


Address and Contact Information

515 N Washington Avenue
Suite 400
Minneapolis, MN 55401-4875