Fairgrounds Coffee and Tea


Extraordinary coffee and tea. Exceptional food. Every day.

Dedicated to bringing people together through the joy of discovery.

Minneapolis: With love from Chicago, we bring you a cafe that serves hot and cold brews along with espresso, matcha, tea, and a unique list of elixers (fancy coffee beverages). But we don’t just serve any coffee; we hand-pick our coffee rotations from the best roasters in the country (many of which are right here in Minneapolis!). Prepare yourself for interesting, elevating elixirs, all-day breakfast, and, of course, an incredible variety of coffee!
We believe that great coffee and tea experiences result from variety and choice. And so, we showcase myriad coffee and tea varietals, as well as a as the best brands from around the globe. All in one place. We named this adventure in coffee and tea: Fairgrounds, as a reflection of our dedication to diversity in our offerings, our belief in equal billing for both coffee and tea, and our commitment to fair business practices. But we love the play on words, too.

Address and Contact Information

120 3rd Avenue North
Minneapolis, MN 55401

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