Guacaya Bistreaux

Our cultural meaning behind our name and logo by local folkloric Panamanian artists Alfonso Guardia -> @pintor_alfonsoguardia

The structure itself symbolizes a windmill that references the tropical, mountainous, and windy terrain of the region the owners grew up in. This is where the winds of the Caribbean ocean flow through and cool off each night. Each wing of the windmill is shaped in resemblance to the guacamaya birds popular in that region which also lends itself as inspiration to the restaurant name. This name also pays reference to the iconic mountain in Penonomé, Panama, the hometown of the owners. The support of the wings symbolized by blue palettes is the rich water source in the region. Lastly in the center as a focal point (GB) Guacaya’s Bistreaux logo.

Address and Contact Information

337 N Washington Ave,
Minneapolis, MN 55401

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