Maison Margaux

“In the midst of the storm, we found a pearl”

Margaux, aside from being one of our favorite wine appellations from Bordeaux, means “pearl” in French. Maison Margaux is the pearl we found in our community during one of the most turbulent times our world has faced. This multi-level space has been masterfully designed. As you move through each room, you are meant to feel a unique sense of comfort and hospitality — as if you are attending an event in a family member’s home (a “Maison”, in French).

Each area is uniquely curated to reflect specific aspects of the Parisian lifestyle; a French brasserie, an haute couture event center, and a sultry underground bar emulating the Paris catacombs. The outdoor terrace beautifully integrates into the North Loop identity, while the historic qualities of the entire building have been preserved with the finest of care. We welcome you cordially to the experience Maison Margaux.     

Brasserie, Underground Bar, Event Center, Terrasse.

Address and Contact Information

224 N 1st Street
Minneapolis, MN 55401

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