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Nokomis was founded in 2013 to ensure Claim Accountability in the healthcare system.

Nokomis CEO, Rich Henriksen, has a deep knowledge of claims reimbursement and contracting. Through 35 years in healthcare, he pieced together his complex learnings and understandings in the claims space and realized there was a more efficient, effective, and accurate way to ensure Claim Accountability in the industry, in a way that is seamless for health plans to implement. This experience not only saves an average of 9% on the claims that we review, but returns claims in one business day and only asks plans to pay a percentage of realized savings. Since our team has been in your shoes at a health plan, we understand the importance of an easy partnership.

With the goal of making a difference and increasing the standard for payment integrity to one of Claim Accountability, Rich and his team compiled their deep and broad knowledge to build Nokomis and its proprietary technology, ClaimWise™. This unique technology finds patterns in claim data to identify claims for further review, regardless of dollar amount. Combined, ClaimWise™ and the Nokomis team intelligently select claims for review, finding errors even in claims that look fine at face value.

This novel approach to payment integrity has allowed Nokomis to pioneer what it has named Claim Accountability, a new standard in claim review that promotes a win-win system for all health plans.

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206 N 1st Street
Minneapolis, MN 55401

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