North Loop Fitness

In a society of trends, gimmicks and instant gratification, we at NLF feel it’s important to cut through the usual narrative, and really educate on what it means to be healthy, athletic and strong…not just for “this month”, but forever. Improving your ability to execute natural, everyday activities without destroying your body, developing balanced full-body strength, and doing the appropriate methods of conditioning. This is what we help people accomplish. This all leads to efficiency and results!
The brand NEW NLF is an 11,000 sq ft (with an additional 3,000 sq ft for locker room/shower facilities), workout space…full of awesome stuff!!

We are here so you can train and workout with purpose. Our environment is specifically set up for you to learn, work, and succeed. I do not promote lies or myths. We are about training hard, and SMART, to increase performance in every aspect.

Email us for more info or to set up an appt. Also, check out the website for a virtual tour and more info. Read more on this NLF FB page also.

– There are 8-10 spots in front of the gym and on the North side of the lot.
– Additional free parking on 8th street (next to Bunkers) is available after 5pm on non Twins game nights.
– Pick up a voucher for 1 hour of free parking in the parking ramp attached to the TractorWorks building. Parking vouchers are on front desk.

There are options all over the place, find them! More importantly, if you live within 1 to 6 blocks of the gym, run, walk, bike, do whatever you can… just don’t drive. If you live further, bike and be awesome.


Address and Contact Information

800 N Washington Avenue
Minneapolis, MN 55401

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