Unrooted Counseling


In today’s world, many of us spend a lot of time trying to become grounded & centered humans. Unfortunately, along the way, it’s easy to get caught up in perfecting that picture of ‘grounding and centered’; oftentimes to our own detriment.

Life is hard. Life is messy. Life is unexpected. And life can feel pretty unrooted. 

So, what if we spent a bit more time focusing on unrooting from the unhelpful parts? The parts that are actually within our control?


I’m a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker, sarcastic human, & fellow unrooter. In a few words, my style is down to earth, collaborative, and relational. Laughter = therapeutic; swearing = more than welcome.

Oftentimes, the universe seems to enjoy throwing curveballs right when life starts to settle. And it can be damn helpful to have a safe space to sort through it all. I join clients in navigating these ‘unexpecteds’ * and strengthening into their ‘you’ in the process.


Address and Contact Information

211 N 1st Street, Suite 335
Minneapolis, MN 55401

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