Upstairs Circus

Make DIY Projects. Indulge in Cocktails. Laugh with Friends.
Where DIY Workshop meets Bar – Create, Drink & Be Merry at Upstairs Circus! Indulge in cocktails while creating unique (& amazing) DIY, art & design projects. Come one, come all and join Upstairs Circus!
Upstairs Circus is the O.G. DIY workshop-meets-bar concept where people can gather together to create hands-on DIY projects in- leather working, woodworking, jewelry making, art & design mediums- while enjoying specialty cocktails, beer, wine and more.
We ain’t a sip & paint. And we don’t teach classes. We’re a DIY workshop with a killer bar. Each of our patrons can choose what DIY project they want to make from our Project Menu (25+ options at any given time) and then they get creating, at their own pace, enlisting our master makers for help when needed (or for cocktails when wanted).
Come try us out! Join the Circus and DO MORE when you hit the town!

Address and Contact Information

135 N Washington Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55401

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