In a world that over-emphasizes the external and rates of depression and general unhappiness soar, Wildhive re-awakens our true wild side!
A series of integrative experiences using positive psychology, empowering music and expressive movement catalyze individuals, communities and organizations to live a more fulfilling life.


Learn to engage in a deep and meaningful conversation with your inner wild, mind, senses, surroundings, and peers, all while having a great time!

Welcoming Change
You’ve been waiting for it to happen, have been wishing it would come to you, and now it’s finally here! You’ll be amazed at what a little change can do for you, regardless of age, gender, orientation, or life experiences you’ve had.

Brain + Cognitive Function
It’s not just all about movement and good feels around here. The brain is also a HUGE part of working with Wildhive. Rewire that noggin to work in tandem with your positive movement! It’s never too late to strengthen and build those neural pathways!

Play is for everyone, young and old, introverted and extroverted. Relearn how to awaken the childish, gleeful nature that’s inside all of us. It makes life a heck of a lot more fun.


Wildhive is created from Mollie’s yearning to make our lives more fulfilling by creating integrative experiences & a philosophy that are a catalyst for embracing our inner child and conquering from within.

She quickly saw the magic — feeling catharsis, empowered to be our true selves and how these feats translate into every part of our lives. Self-expressive yet uniting us in our human experience.

Wildhive is ultimately born as a celebration for the soul.

Address and Contact Information

514 Studios
514 N 3rd Street
Minneapolis, MN 55401

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