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Downtown Defined: Sibling Rivalry?

May 10, 2017 by Joe Grunnet, Downtown Resource Group megdrgmpls-com-2

Nobody likes to live in anyone else’s shadow. We’ve all heard (or lived!) stories about the sibling that excelled in everything from academics to athletics to looks and charm, leaving others in the family forever nodding and smiling as they answer, “Yes, Super Fabulous is my sister/brother.” Though it may seem to those who come along after an uber-achiever that they will constantly be compared and never recognized or appreciated in their own right, that perception is often incorrect. I mention this common awkward aspect of family dynamics and human insecurity to set the record straight about a couple of other siblings: Minneapolis’ Warehouse District and North Loop. Just like family members, these two areas share parallel history and they are very close – side by side in fact. As downtown Minneapolis continues to flourish and grow, I’d like to spread the word that the Warehouse District and North Loop really aren’t the same.

The Warehouse District has achieved notoriety and its slogan is “The Minneapolis Warehouse Entertainment District: It’s all here!” And there’s no shortage of amazing things to see, do, eat and drink there. From the long history of First Ave. to the new Twins stadium, the Warehouse District has received a lot of developmental assistance over the last several years to aid in the effort to bring more activity, residents and business to downtown Minneapolis. The city has benefited greatly from the Warehouse District’s hip reputation and ability to draw people and their entertainment dollars. There are maps that show a large portion of the North Loop encompassed within the Warehouse District, but that doesn’t tell the whole story.

The North Loop is a vibrant community with an amazing mix of commercial and residential activity. The area has enjoyed a great and continually increasing infusion of residents and businesses, creating a lively mix that contrasts – yet complements – the Warehouse District’s nightlife-leaning personality. In the North Loop, you’ll find people who live and work in Minneapolis along with those who come just for the dining and entertainment.

The North Loop is becoming home to more and more families, bringing even more dimension to this great neighborhood. Proximity provides easy access to any and all of the high-end, traditional downtown nightlife and amenities, but you can also feel a laid-back community vibe as you stroll to the different establishments to shop, eat or enjoy the riverfront. Who might be interested in living here? Anything (or anyone) goes! People starting out, moving up, moving on or downsizing – there’s something for just about everyone in this growing, unique part of town.

The North Loop hasn’t only come into its own, it’s truly got its own identity. If you’re not a local, think of it like this: The Warehouse District does a brilliant job of catering to the nightlife; however, the North Loop has a great balance for real life. I’m not really worried about the North Loop living in the shadow of the Warehouse District because this wonderful part of downtown has no problem shining on its own.


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