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Federal Cuts Threaten Transit in MN

The Trump Administration has proposed drastic budget cuts that would devastate our ability to grow transit options here in Minnesota.

Nearly $1.76 billion in federal funding for Metro Transit projects is at risk. These cuts would hurt Minnesotans who rely on transit to get to work and school every day, and negatively impact jobs and economic growth in our state.
  • AT RISK: Over $929 million for Southwest light rail
  • AT RISK: $753 million for Bottineau Blue Line Extension
  • AT RISK: $74 million for Orange Line Bus Rapid Transit
  • AT RISK: Amtrak Empire Builder train service through Minnesota
  • AT RISK: New passenger rail service, such as Duluth Northern Lights Express
  • AT RISK: TIGER grants for innovative multimodal projects (Minnesota has benefited from over $100 million in TIGER funds since 2009, including $35 million for the Saint Paul Union Depot.)
 From every angle, President Trump’s federal budget proposal is bad for transit in Minnesota. Even worse, we’re not alone–the proposed budget effectively ends federal investment in new transit construction in the United States.
Take action now: urge Congress to protect transit funding! 

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