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Hazel & Rose – We’re Moving!


How exciting! Where are you going?

We will be in the new Borealis North Loop building, about 2 miles southwest of our current location.

hazel & rose north loop new location august 2018

When is the move happening?

We will close the shop to move August 5-8 and be back in business in the new space on August 9!

Oh wow, that’s soon!

Yep – we are very excited.

hazel & rose north loop new location august 2018

Wait, why is there a kitchen?

Oh, because this space is technically an apartment. But it’s zoned for multi-use, so we’re allowed to put a store in it.

Ok, but are you also living there?


Can I live here?

Also no.

What about, like, Airbnb?

Still no, sorry!

Bummer. Ok, so why an apartment then?

Why not? We continue to believe that shopping should be fun and, as shopowners, that we should experiment. Our first location was a little unconventional so it made sense to keep that going – and we simply fell in love with this space and all the natural light. Natural light surpasses everything else, tbh (just kidding, there’a little more to it than that, but it definitely tips the scales).

hazel & rose north loop new location august 2018

Are people allowed upstairs?

Yes! The shop will cover both floors. The fitting room will be on the main level and we will happily bring any product downstairs for our customers who can’t do stairs.

Since it’s an apartment, do you have a bathroom?

Uh huh.

Did you put a code on the bathroom door?

NO. We hope to never be asked for a bathroom code again as long as we live.

Wait, do I have to buzz in to get to the shop now that you’re in an apartment?

Nope! We have a street-level two story loft with our own address and entrance AND WINDOWS (if you’ve shopped our store before, you know why this is a big deal). We will have signage (ALSO A VERY BIG DEAL) and be so much easier to find.

hazel & rose north loop new location august 2018

hazel & rose north loop new location august 2018

Is there a parking lot?

There is a public pay lot and metered parking, and we will be able to validate parking for customers of the shop.

Are there other perks to the apartment? 

There sure are! We have access to the rooftop which has one of the best views of Minneapolis we’ve ever seen. And hosting shop events with refreshments is going to be WAY easier with storage and a refrigerator.

Hazel & Rose new location view

Do you have super cool neighbors like you had at The Broadway?

Oh man, we are going to miss all those amazing neighbors so much.

We are the only business in the building, but we are just down the street from Acme Comedy Co.In The Loop Coffee Co., and The Lab Theater. And since we’re in the North Loop, we are just a stone’s throw from amazing shops & restaurants, like the new Parc locationGrethen HouseRussel + HazelAskov FinlaysonWilson + Willy’sBar la GrassaThe FreehouseBoroughThe Bachelor Farmer, and honestly too many others to name.

Does this change your hours at all?

Not yet – we’re gonna play around with the store hours for a bit to see what shoppers prefer, so in the future they may change slightly, but for now they’re the same. We’re probably still going to be closed on Mondays.

hazel & rose north loop new location august 2018

Is Hazel & Rose going to carry the same products as before?

We definitely are, although vintage has been so successful that you’ll see more of that mixed with all the amazing contemporary independent designers that we carry.

So are you throwing a party??

So glad you asked! If you are subscribed to our newsletter then you 1) knew all about this announcement already and 2) got an invitation you our VIP event. It’s not too late to get in on that.

If you’re not interested in joining the newsletter, you can follow along on social media to see when we will be celebrating our official grand opening in the new space – that’s gonna be open to everyone.

hazel & rose north loop new location august 2018

images are our own or courtesy of Borealis North Loop.

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