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How Should The Next Big North Loop Mural Look?

Minneapolis has a solid collection of Instagram-worthy murals, from Bob Dylan downtown to Prince in our own neighborhood.

Now, we have another giant blank canvas just waiting to be painted–the building under construction that backs up to Fuzzy’s, Thr3 Jack, Freehouse and the rest of Nordic Plaza, one of the most prominent and popular gathering spots in the North Loop.

“It’s a missed opportunity if we don’t actually have something good on those walls,” said Jo Vos, co-chair of the North Loop Neighborhood Association’s Planning and Zoning Committee. “Something that has meaning to the neighborhood, something where you look at it and say, ‘oh, North Loop.’”

The developer of the project, CedarSt, has committed to providing a mural but wants to know what the neighborhood would prefer–something featuring people or animals? Something historical? Or perhaps a colorful abstract?

We’d like neighbors to comment either on our Instagram or Facebook page. We’ll see if any themes develop and pass the results along to the developer.

By Mike Binkley, North Loop volunteer

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