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Local Officials Will Reveal Plans To Slow Washington Ave Traffic

A push by North Loop residents to slow down traffic on a busy section of Washington Avenue will hopefully get some results, with local officials set to lay out their plans at a meeting on Monday, October 24th at 11:30 am. It will be at the TractorWorks Building, 800 North Washington, and the public is invited to attend.

There are no stop lights or stop signs on Washington between 10th and 6th Avenues, an area packed with restaurants, bars and–quite frequently–speeding vehicles.

The primary area of concern is the 8th Street intersection with all the pedestrians coming and going from places like Bar La Grassa, Borough, Snack Bar, Parlour, Bunkers and others, as well as 7th Street where people come and go through the Tower Tunnel.

“The main question is, how do we make it safe?” said David Crary, North Loop Neighborhood Association board member.

Washington Avenue is a Hennepin County road, so in June the NLNA invited county commissioner Irene Fernando to attend a meeting and listen to neighborhood concerns. She wasn’t able to make it but sent her staff. Minneapolis city council member Michael Rainville did attend and vowed to help the county in whatever way he could.

City council member Michael Rainville meeting with concerned residents in June.

A petition drive, urging the county and city to work together to come up with solutions drew 648 signatures, which organizer Aileen Johnson will present to the local officials at Monday’s meeting.

“They said they needed 90 days to come up with a plan to share,” said Crary. “And they better come back with a plan.”

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