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MLB Teams Keep Ordering Meals From Ono Hawaiian Plates

Is it possible the food at Ono Hawaiian Plates is too good, too energizing? Nearly every team the Twins have played at Target Field this season has feasted on pregame meals from this North Loop restaurant–and the Twins have lost nearly every one of those series.

Owners Warren Seta and Jessie Kelley are quick to point out, though, that the Twins also order food from them about once each homestand. “I think they eat too much before the games,” Warren joked.

The Twins have a list of local caterers and restaurants that they share with visiting teams. A Twins clubhouse chef, Alan Stern, lives in the North Loop, became a fan of their food and put in a good word for them.

The staff is able to prepare everything in their modest kitchen at North Loop Galley and then drive it over to Target Field.

“We’ve been blessed, that’s all I can say,” said Warren. “A lot of good restaurants out there, lot of better operators than we’ll ever be, but we’re blessed that they’ve selected us as one of their caterers.”

It started during last year’s shortened MLB season, and the meals became so popular, team after team kept coming back for more.

“We finished out last season with the Houston Astros,” said Jessie. “Even when they weren’t even at the stadium! They were sitting at the hotel waiting to go to LA for the playoffs and we catered for them over there too.” 

The Twins have just returned home for a weekend series with Oakland, and the A’s too will be enjoying Hawaiian meals before their games. Ono Hawaiian Plates is currently open Wednesdays-Sundays at North Loop Galley.

By Mike Binkley, North Loop volunteer

Editor’s note: On the day this article was published, the Twins had pregame food from Ono Hawaiian Plates–and they went on to break their 5-game losing streak. Coincidence?

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