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Mpls St Paul Magazine Devotes October Issue To North Loop

From its cover headline declaring the North Loop “the hottest neighborhood in town” to glowing profiles of our shops, restaurants and history, the October issue of Mpls St Paul Magazine will give tens of thousands of readers a new appreciation for how far our neighborhood has come.

“Every time you come here, I mean look around,” said the magazine’s Editor in Chief, Jayne Haugen Olson. “It’s all the restaurants coming on restaurant row, as I call it (North 1st Street), the construction on so many corners. We know there’s a lot of buzz going on.”

Haugen Olson lived in the area about 30 years ago before most of the transformation had begun.

“I lived here when I was 30 and I’m envious that this wasn’t like this back then,” she said. “It wasn’t even called North Loop then. It was just kind of the Warehouse District.”

She said the story of the North Loop’s evolution should provide inspiration and hope for other areas of the city.

“What was interesting was how many people we interviewed said, ‘don’t call North Loop downtown. It’s its own neighborhood,’” she said, “but as an editor, it is a bright spot about downtown Minneapolis. All the important things happening around the business district should give all of us hope that things will continue to evolve.”

The print edition of the magazine has an estimated monthly reach of 279,000, but when you include digital and social media, the estimated monthly reach is 1,974,000 across all channels.

Subscribers are receiving their print copies in the mail this week while others are being delivered to Whole Foods, Barnes & Noble and Kowalski’s. Lunds & Byerly’s stores have a different distributor, so the issue may not show up there for another week. The articles will likely start appearing on the magazine’s website in a couple of weeks.

By Mike Binkley, North Loop volunteer

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