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City seeking hosts for City-owned parklets for 2019 season

March 21, 2019 (MINNEAPOLIS) The City of Minneapolis is seeking community partners to host City-owned parklets for the 2019 season — a new opportunity for the parklet program that launched five years ago.

Parklets are unique public gathering spaces built in the right-of-way with seating, plantings and other amenities for people to relax and enjoy city life.

City crews will setup the parklets at host locations in the spring after street sweeping is completed and will remove them in the fall. The City-owned parklets include the parklet structure (platform and planter boxes), plantings, chairs, tables, patio umbrellas and public parklet signage. Hosts are responsible for day-to-day maintenance, such as watering plants, picking up trash, taking down umbrellas on windy days, locking up tables and chairs when not in use and reporting any issues.

Neighborhood organizations, street-level businesses, nonprofits, community organizations and Special Services Districts are encouraged to apply to host a City-owned parklet. The application deadline to apply to host a City-owned parklet is Friday, April 5. The City has three parklets to find hosts for.

The City launched the parklet program in 2014. Former participants in the program said the parklets added color and vibrancy to the streetscape, promoted a sense of place and encouraged traffic to slow down.

The goal of the parklet program is to activate community corridors with fun public spaces that make neighborhoods more vibrant and support local businesses. Find more information about the parklet host application process on the City’s website or by contacting Kelsey Fogt

(Note: A photo of a parklet from the 2018 season is attached.)

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Kelsey Fogt
Associate Transportation Planner
City of Minneapolis – Public Works
301 4th Ave S – Suite 785N
Minneapolis, MN 55415
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