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How To Join/Start A North Loop Block Club

In response to a drop in MPD staffing citywide, several neighbors asked what they can do to maintain and even increase safety in the neighborhood. North Loop volunteers Aileen Johnson and Pat Dawson are now coordinating with Minneapolis Police to help facilitate the formation of Block Clubs. (These groups are independent from the North Loop Neighborhood Association).

Here’s how to get started and to help others:

  1. Contact your building management/HOA to let them know your intention and to ask for help getting the word out to residents who are interested in joining a club.
  2. Define the issues you want to focus on. Has your building already done a security walk-through with Renee Allen, crime prevention specialist for MPD? If not, consider contacting her ( to schedule one. This can help you understand the biggest issues facing your building. Bring together a group of 5-6 interested people including residents and management to participate in the walk-through. (If you already understand your building’s security issues, use this knowledge to develop your action plan).
  3. Contact Aileen Johnson ( and/or Pat Dawson ( to get connected to the growing network of Block Club leaders and to be included in upcoming meetings.  Aileen and Pat will also provide advice on best practices and tips for running your Block Club and help you gear up for our North Loop Block Club walkabouts this Spring.
  4. Participate in the network meetings and help support new Block Clubs with your knowledge and expertise as we expand the Block Club Network to other parts of downtown and Northeast Minneapolis.

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