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Important Safety Reminders

Please take note of these safety reminders. Please, also share this information with friends and neighbors. As always, if you see or experience ANY suspicious or questionable behavior, CALL 911.

Personal Safety
• Be aware of your surroundings. Always. Look at and take note of who is near you or your vehicle
• When driving, keep your doors and windows locked
• Take note of vehicle descriptions, license plate numbers or suspect descriptions
• Do not leave your vehicle running and DO NOT leave keys or a fob inside the car
• Maintain good social distance from strangers, this is a good rule for personal safety and personal health
• Be wary of someone asking for the time, directions, to use your phone or if you have spare change
• Do not carry your cell phone in your hand. Keep it safely in an inside pocket. Do not carry it in your back pocket
• Do not walk and text
• Avoid carrying a purse. Carry only what you need in a secure pocket. If you do carry a purse, utilize a smaller bag. Make use of a cross body strap, carry it under your coat so the purse is not displayed
• Consider a self-defense class to increase confidence when out in public
• Use a buddy system when walking, if possible
• Walk in well lit, well-traveled areas

Phones and Financial Security
• Always have your IMEI and serial number for your phone in a safe place. Keep an electronics
inventory list with serial numbers and product descriptions for computers etc.
• Consider a “track my phone” app
• Use a pass code to lock your phone when not in use
• Hide all apps for banking, credit cards and cash pay along with personal information in an “incognito” file
• Record all your credit card, driver’s license, banking, and pass code information. Keep it in a safe place. Consider emailing it to yourself. Do not store this info on your phone unless protected
• Know how to access accounts and institutions incase of loss or fraudulent activity
• Report Lost or stolen items immediately to your financial institutions Vehicles
• NEVER leave keys or a fob in your car EVER. Do not leave it in the ignition, the glove box, center
console or hidden. If it is in the car, your car can be stolen
• Look around before entering or exiting your vehicle
• Check your owner’s manual for a valet key and remove it
• Don’t leave a spare key hidden or in another vehicle
• LOCK YOUR DOORS, even when parked in an access-controlled garage
• Do not leave personal property in plain sight
• Keep doors locked when driving
• Call 911 if intimidated on the road, stay on the phone with 911, do not stop or engage. Drive to a populated, well-lit area.

Residences and Garages
• Keep ALL doors and windows locked – even inside multi-unit dwellings. Use your deadbolt
• Do not prop open any exterior doors
• Be mindful of common use outside doors (front doors, overhead garage door) DO NOT allow someone
to follow you into the building
• If you live on the ground floor be vigilant about your access points
• Utilize available lighting or consider adding more
• Do not leave valuables such as bicycles unsecured. Record description and serial number
• If you need to keep your bicycle in the garage, lock it to a secure pole or bike rack bolted to the floor or wall
• Whether single family or multi-unit, ensure your security cameras are operational and are good quality. While cameras rarely prevent a crime, they are excellent in aiding an investigation and
subsequent arrest
• Do not leave your garage door opener in your vehicle
• Lock your vehicle when parked inside the garage and do not leave valuable such as purses, weapons and electronics
• Maintain good key and access card/fob control
• Get to know your neighbors. Consider forming a building or block club to share information

assaults, robberies or car jackings. Call 311 or go to to file a theft report

Crime Prevention Specialists or for
further assistance and/or guidance.

More information on the City of Minneapolis’ crime prevention and safety tips

Our goal is to reduce crime and increase neighborhood livability.

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