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Improve Public Safety – Support Increasing MPD Police Officers

Support Chief Arradondo and the Minneapolis Police Department

The police budget has been underfunded for too many years, during a time our population has grown significantly. An increase in sworn officers is needed to improve public safety in Minneapolis. Here are the reasons. Please contact the Mayor and your City Council Member and ask them to increase the Police budget so our force can be more effective and community oriented.

  • “Time impacts Trust”. There are not enough patrol officers to answer calls in a timely fashion. When officers arrive, they do not have the time to provide a high level of service before they rush to another call.
  • The Traffic unit needs to start up again; safety on our streets is important.
  • The Sex Crimes Investigations Unit is understaffed and cannot keep up with the caseload. More investigators are needed for all crimes.
  • It will take years to recruit/train new officers. Building up the proper level for the force will require multiple years of commitment that starts now.
  • Due to the opioid overdose surge, 34 calendar days of Police time is spent responding to overdoses.
  • Officer wellness is being impacted. Officers who are tired have a higher rate of complaints, their use of force can increase, and they are likely to call in sick more often.
  • New training standards require more time, which takes officers out of duty.

People who live in Minneapolis understand that policing alone will never solve all the challenges our city faces. It will require collaborative partnerships with our community stakeholders. However, the facts are the MPD needs more resources. Please contact the Mayor and your City Council Member so your voice is heard.


Mayor Jacob Frey
(612) 673-2100

City Council Member Kevin Reich
(612) 673-2201            Ward 1

City Council Member Cam Gordon
(612) 673-2202            Ward 2

City Council Member Steve Fletcher
(612) 673-2203            Ward 3

City Council Member Phillipe Cunningham
(612) 673-2204            Ward 4

City Council Member Jeremiah Ellison
(612) 673-2205            Ward 5

City Council Member Abdi Warsame
(612) 673-2206            Ward 6

City Council President Lisa Bender
(612) 673-2210            Ward 10

City Council Member Lisa Goodman
(612) 673-2207            Ward 7

City Council Vice President Andrea Jenkins
(612) 673-2208            Ward 8

City Council Member Alondra Cano
(612) 673-2209            Ward 9

City Council Member Jeremy Schroeder
(612) 673-2211            Ward 11

City Council Member Andrew Johnson
(612) 673-2212            Ward 12

City Council Member Linea Palmisano
(612) 673-2213            Ward 13



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