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MPD Update: Put Your Junk in Your Trunk!

Minneapolis Police Precinct 1 Informational Update
1st Precinct has seen an increase in Theft from Motor Vehicles in the North Loop Neighborhood over last few weeks. Some incidents have also resulted in property damage (broken windows).  PLEASE – PUT YOUR JUNK IN YOUR TRUNK BEFORE YOU ARRIVE AT YOUR DESTINATION

Remove the temptation and reduce the opportunity

DO NOT leave ANY items in your vehicle

Lock your doors; even in a secured parking garage – know where your key/FOB is at all times

Never leave your vehicle “warming up” with the keys in the ignition – it IS illegal; thieves will view a running car as a personal invitation

Park in well lit, well traveled areas

Keep an electronics inventory list with serial numbers in a safe location (not stored in any electronic devices). Your smart phone has its own fingerprint called an IMEI. Locate the IMEI in your “settings” Snap a picture of it, then send it to your email; keep a copy of the screen photo with your inventory list. Recovered items will not be returned to you without proper documentation and a corresponding police report.

FILE A POLICE REPORT – Call 911 if the thief has left behind evidence or call 311 or go to to file a theft report

PLEASE remember, Theft from Motor Vehicle is the crime of opportunity – DO NOT provide the opportunity

See the attached flyer – share with your neighbors

For questions, contact:

Renee Allen, Crime Prevention Specialist
Minneapolis Police Department, First Precinct
(612) 673-5163

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