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Neighbors Being Neighbors in the North Loop

The North Loop is a unique neighborhood, home to both upscale condos and rentals and higher-income residents, and several organizations sheltering low income residents in need of housing. Recently there has been acute conflict over a homeless encampment.

zAmya, North Loop Neighborhood Association and Avivo have joined forces to offer a seven-month project that aims to establish a shared vision in the North Loop of what needs to happen for all community members to feel safe, have shelter, and ensure support for the most vulnerable.

The North Loop Neighborhood Association (NLNA) is an organization consisting of residents, property owners, and business owners of the North Loop Neighborhood. They strive to foster a strong community rich in diversity of ideas, talents, people and property, promoting a climate of safety, livability, and improvement through public neighborhood meetings, communication and advocacy.

Avivo serves more than 11,000 individuals each year helping them find housing stability, achieve recovery, and secure employment and economic advancement. Serving Minnesota since 1960, they specialize in helping individuals and families who face complex barriers – homelessness, chemical addiction or mental health concerns, poverty, or unemployment. Avivo’s holistic approach to providing shelter and housing supports, chemical and mental health services, career education, and employment services embraces each person’s unique journey. Avivo’s paired services lay a foundation of health, and social and economic wellness, that transforms lives. Included in Avivo’s services is Avivo Village, an indoor community of 100 secure, private dwellings or “tiny houses” located in North Loop, providing shelter and wraparound services.

zAmya’s contribution to the partnership is experience in designing and facilitating art based, community building processes that bring together neighbors with a variety of housing experiences and result in creative solutions and increased compassion.


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