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New Allbirds Store Is Now Open

Another prominent retailer has entered the North Loop, with the grand opening of Allbirds, a New Zealand-based company known for its comfortable shoes and sustainable materials.

“From a data standpoint, we’ve got a huge brand following here in the Twin Cities,” said store leader Eli Munoz, “and really the North Loop specifically is kind of the neighborhood that Allbirds feels is very on brand and also where we want to kind of stake our claim as far as a community standpoint.”

The new store is between Pacifier and D.NOLO at 219 North 2nd Street, offering mostly footwear but also some apparel made from wood products and premium wool.

“I grew up in an age where the wool sweater was big and itchy,” said Munoz. “The wool we use is 80 times finer than a human hair, so the softness really comes from that. Sustainably-made materials is something we’re super passionate about, not only from a company standpoint but also from an ethical and mission values standpoint.”

The store will be open 10am-7pm Monday-Saturday and 11am-6pm on Sundays.

By Mike Binkley, North Loop volunteer

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