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Newly Legalized THC Edibles Now At North Loop Shop

Almost from the moment word started spreading about Minnesota’s new law allowing sales of hemp-derived THC edibles, Scott Johnson had customers asking for them at his PureomEO shop, which was already a destination for CBD products, along with essential oils, perfumes and body products.

“I had maybe ten, 20 people come in here a day, every day (asking for the gummies) when it started,” he said. “Now we have maybe 20 to 40 people coming in here a day.”

There was a lag in getting stores stocked with supplies, though, because the law caught many people by surprise–including many of the state lawmakers who voted for it. But now, Johnson’s North Loop shop has three different varieties of edibles–Day Time, Night Time and Any Time– from a Minnesota distributor, the You Betcha! Cannabis Company.

“The Day Time has added herbs like yerba mate, energizing herbs that you’d find in energy drinks or energy bars,” he said. “And the Night Time one has hops and ashwagandha, an herb that’s very relaxing.”

By law, the gummies can have no more than 5 mg of THC and there can be no more than 10 gummies per package.

The PureomEO shop can be found inside Johnson’s larger retail store, Jeromeo, on 3rd Avenue North.

By Mike Binkley, North Loop volunteer

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