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Opening Date Set For New French Brasserie

The transformation is nearly complete at the old Ribnick Fur building on North 1st Street, and a fancy new restaurant, Maison Margaux is just weeks away from opening.

As you can see in the press release below, the restaurant is scheduled to open on May 12th and they’ll start taking reservations on April 24th.


Minneapolis— 4.14.23 — After a long wait, we are elated and proud to announce the grand opening of one the most anticipated restaurants in Minneapolis, Maison Margaux! We have crossed every T and dotted every I in anticipation of introducing you to this “Pearl” (Margaux in French) we have found and cultivated. Please see our mission statement below. As part of our opening week, on Thursday, May 11th, we will have a private opening night event benefiting the Arrow Giving Foundation whose mission is to empower the underserved through generous empathy, helping all to reach their fullest potential, with 100% of the proceeds going directly to this honorable organization.

On Friday, May 12th, we will be open to the public for dinner reservations. Reservation books will be open for booking April 24th.

Thank you for your interest & support!


· We have made a promise to our community and city to do things differently. By emphasizing our family roots, honoring historic ground, and partnering with our amazing and diverse community, we will achieve this promise.

· We remain committed to our staff and to offering them living wages, health care options, and profit sharing.
· We are dedicated to the hospitality industry, to female-owned small businesses, and to the BIPOC community. To express this

dedication, we plan to create a food justice platform to showcase the cultural talents that exist in Minneapolis.

· We are enthusiastic about mentoring younger generations and spreading love for the food industry through in-house continual education and training.

· We are devoted to supporting food-insecure areas by fostering our work with non-profits, donating meals, and spending our time and resources to lift those in need.

Maison Margaux
224 N 1st St, Minneapolis, MN 55401 Phone: (612) 900-1800

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