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Prevent Car Theft!

Auto theft is on the rise and the North Loop Safety Club is hoping to help reduce its occurrence by 20% from 2022 volumes by the end of December 2023.  Since nearly one-half of the more than 700 cars stolen so far this year have been stolen with keys or fobs in the car and/or while left running, we believe that we need to reach as many people as possible – both neighbors and visitors –  to ask them to not leave their keys or fobs in their cars and to not leave their cars running unattended.

Our thanks to neighbors and visitors who are following good auto theft prevention practices.

  • Be aware of your surroundings.
  • Shut your car off, lock it and take the keys or fob with you –ALWAYS.
  • If you walk away from a running vehicle and take the fob with you, the vehicle can still be stolen and driven until the thieves shut it off or until it runs out of gas.
  • Some stolen vehicles are used in subsequent crimes including violent ones such as carjacking.  Do not enable crime.
  • Do not leave valuables, bags, backpacks, or similar items in plain view within your vehicle. Take these items with you or lock them in your trunk. Thieves regularly break vehicle windows and take items they can see.

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