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Ribbon Cutting For New North Loop Streets

Though there’s still work to be done, like planting 130 new trees, installing several light poles and a few accessible ramps, the $9.3 million project to reconstruct North Loop streets and improve pedestrian safety is now substantially complete.

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey was on hand to cut a ceremonial ribbon and thank those who helped keep the project on time and on budget.

Frey acknowledged that it was a rough seven months for those trying to get around the neighborhood, but said the end result is worth it.

Crews were able to save 170,000 historic brick pavers which were first installed here 100 years ago on bare ground, and reinstall them on a much firmer asphalt surface. 

North Loop Neighborhood Association president Tim Bildsoe recalled making the plea for street improvements more than two years ago when Frey was a council member representing the North Loop, and Bildsoe thanked Frey for seeing the project through as mayor.

Current council member Steve Fletcher said the streets with the historic brick pavers feel special, and he joked that the North Loop can no longer be promoted as an “off-road adventure.”

By Mike Binkley, North Loop Neighborhood Association

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