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Shared Ground Farmers’ Cooperative Delivers to the North Loop this Summer!

Eat healthy this summer! Shared Ground Farmers’ Cooperative, a local immigrant farmer owned co-op, will be delivering CSA (community supported agriculture) boxes of local, sustainably grown vegetables to the North Loop Truce Juice (120 N 1st Ave). More info and to sign up.

Shared Ground Farmers’ Co-op is a marketing and distribution cooperative owned by seven farms in the Twin Cities region. Shared Ground markets sustainably grown produce direct to consumers through a Community Supported Agriculture program (CSA and Workplace CSA), to restaurants and wholesale accounts, and to Farm to School programs including the St Paul, Columbia Heights and Minneapolis programs.

Shared Ground Co-op represents a diverse group of producers united around a common set of goals. Shared Ground farmers live in both urban and rural communities and come from a variety of cultural and ethnic backgrounds. A core objective is a strong commitment to making environmentally sustainable farming a living wage job for any who chose to pursue it, especially for minority, immigrant, and beginning farmers. Shared Ground views its marketing and access to local food markets as an instrument of social justice, and a way for farmers with limited resources to gain more stable income and build their leadership skills through participation in a member-owned and member-governed enterprise.

The owner-members of Shared Ground Farmers’ Cooperative are: Agua Gorda CooperativeCala FarmLa Familia FarmLa Sureña FarmManos Latinas CooperativeSanta Rosa Farm, and Whetstone Farm.

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